Expedition “Maja Arapit 2011”

The international caving expedition “Maya Arapit 2011” was held in the period 20.07. – 20.08.2011, with fieldwork of 26 days. The expedition was attended by 37 cavers from 6 countries.
106 m new galleries were explored with a total displacement of +75 meters. Compared to the level from the last year, the total displacement of the cave has increased by +19 m. At present the cave has a displacement of 365 m (+339 m, -26 m) and length of 2643 meters. The projected length is 1899 m.

Unfortunately this year the expedition could not achieve much progress, because in all directions we came against extremely narrow passages. In some places we got to hanging from the ceiling blockages that have stopped the climbing. During the last penetration Kiten and Kiro went over a chimney above “Tserovo” hall, which shows some perspective to vault over the layer, forming bottlenecks at a lower level.
In the autumn of the last year there was a great flood in the region. Huge amount of water came out from the cave entrance. As a result, instead of the small hole in which we have crawled the previous years, the entrance now has a height of 2 m and a width of 6 m. This water came from the siphon, plunged for the last time in 2007, and from a not plunged siphon, located near the entrance.
The work prospects are in the final parts in the cave – above “Tserovo” hall and in “Droplet” hall. For this purpose will be required much expansion work. The ascent above the first pit in the downstream meander left unexplored as well. Another direction of work are the siphons near the entrance – either by draining or diving.


Participants of the international expedition “Maya Arapit 2011”

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